“You are each a Grain of Grace, indispensible to the evolution of human consciousness,embrace your uniqueness.”

I am here as an example that you can live in the fullest and most authentic experience of your Divinity by embracing your humanity.

It is my role to awaken you to your life’s purpose and your amazing gifts.


Ana of Grace’s loving maternal grandmother, an enlightened spiritual light worker, was the first to identify Ana as “a very special child with a high level of intuitiveness.” She, and Ana’s paternal grandmother, a Brazilian sage, saw an aura of illuminated energetic consciousness hovering over her, a consciousness that would mold and shape her life.

Little did Ana know that her grandmothers prophesized her destiny. She felt loving vibrations bouncing off every nook and cranny in her home and life in Goiania, Brazil.

Ana was conscious of deep spiritual energy surrounding her from a very early age. She attended weekly spiritual meetings, spent her time mostly sitting quietly, and studied classical ballet.

Her passion for reverence of the classic movements of the
graceful dance style were her connection with God within, the Divine.

Ana’s father died when she was fourteen. He had insisted
that she learn to speak English and move to America.

A year later she journeyed to Moscow to further her classical ballet dancing career.

In 1992 , her father’s feeling that she would need the English Language came to pass when she left Russia for migration to the United States.

The move was like going to a formal launching pad for her conscious pursuit of her true calling in life, Unity consciousness.

She has met and experienced a number of Spiritual Masters and Teachers, who have encouraged her to share herself and her spiritual gifts.

Her life experiences and a number of different professional
objectives from 1992 through 2007 have prepared Ana to share who she is the embodiment of Grace, Light and Divine Love.