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A rite of passage update.

Wow! It has been a while since you’ve heard from me. I am still alive, kicking and dancing!

And how about you?!
Since the programs in Gainesville and Berkeley in April, I’ve been multitasking between private sessions, recording a meditation CD, office work (answering e-mails etc), my work at Carrabba’s, an occasional “date” and Skype family calls. Did I forget to mention the beach?! Yikes. Life has been wonderfully busy in the months of April and May. I am so grateful for the work of my friend and webmaster Rick Baxter and friend Jim Jones who despite their full time work schedule, make time to assist me and are committed to the dissemination of this energy.

It is an honor to see this awakening energy being shared with more and more people each day and to serve as a correspondent between the Inner and Outer worlds.
The work has just begun.

The experience of being powered by Grace has deepened and Trust grows roots in my Heart.

As I witness that my life is a like a leaf being blown by the wind, I see the natural order of Nature. That the only constant in its equation is Transformation, constant growth and opportunities for abiding in Self-Knowledge.
Like the Leaf you can’t ever arrive anywhere, life is constant transformation.

Embrace the watcher of life and you will know who you are.

During this month of June I’m taking a partial sabbatical to honor the rite of passage I’m going through, life calls me to retreat to myself into Re- Birthday Ecstasy ( next blog).

Watch out for a revamped website soon.

Take time for yourselves to rest during this most transformative month and remember you are powered by Grace. Enjoy the journey. Please post your comments below.

I love you, Fabiana (Ana)

Posted on : Jun 11 2010
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