Private Sessions in North Carolina Feb & March 2014

Ana of Grace is facilitating in person private sessions in the Triangle area of North Carolina for a limited time.

You can schedule a session via email to

Private sessions are a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform emotional self-limitations into new ways of being in the world, a true gift to yourself of infinite possibilities for healing and growth.

Ana’s work opens up all energy channels and integrates higher vibrations into your unique vibrational blueprint.

For more info visit the private session page of this website or email

Private sessions are offered at Patanjali’s Place in Durham located at 700 Foster St, Durham, NC 27701
Phone:(919) 475-1355 or Ana is willing travel to nearby locations.

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Christine Stenglein Written Testimonial

Ana of Grace works at the highest form.
No tools are needed, no words are necessary. Her presence is all that is required as a vehicle to allow the most profound, peaceful, joy-filled light to be transmuted to me.

Her presence is the essence of pure unconditional Love, Joy and Acceptance. She is Divine Love in Human form. Please allow yourself to let God’s gift to you to be transmuted through her energy to you.

You will know, experience and feel such Joy and Peace.
Christine Stenglein, Knoxville, TN.

Posted on : Oct 11 2010
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Stillness in Motion Intensive in Mexico video testimonial of Mercedes Hope

Posted on : Oct 11 2010
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Stillness in Motion Intensive in Mexico video testimonial of Alvarez Family

Posted on : Oct 11 2010
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Sorpresa! Tu eres lo que buscas! Surprise! You are what you’re looking for! Blog

iStock_000012321749XSmall Surprise BathHola Queridos y Queridas de mi Corazon!

¡Los extrano ya! No puedo esperar hasta Enero cuando estemos juntos otra vez para la próxima fase de nuestro trabajo.

Espero que todos esten bien y integrando la Luz en su experiencia de vida. Estan cresciendo, la conciencia ampliandose.

Algunos de ustedes han expresado dificultad de dormir o hambriento todo el tiempo.

Estos son sintomas normales de Despertarse, su cuerpo, la psique, facultades emocionales e intelectuales están acostumbrandose a la vibración más alta del Amor y la Luz en este momento.

Habiendo dicho eso, todo que ustedes ya no deben llevar adentro será traído arriba en su conocimiento mientras se suelte.

Que sean amable a si mismo. Coman bien, descansen bien, celebra a ti mismo y tomen baños con sal. 

Algunos de ustedes estan procesando emociones intensas que han colorado sus experiencias la mayor parte de su vida. Utilicen la energía que recibieron para sanarse. Esto es todo como es supuesto ser. Es apoyado por el Divino en este proceso.

¡Dónde esta el Divino es!!!

¡Envíeme sus noticias y preguntas ! Anuncien sus comentarios abajo desto texto.

Estoy honorada para apoyarles  en su personificación de su Naturaleza Divina y estremecida que han escogido evolucionar.

Cuenten conmigo!

Espero sus comentarios.
Mi espanol esta mejorando de poco a poco.

Los quiero infinitamente!

Ana of Grace


Hi Everyone!


I miss you all already!  Can’t wait till we are together again at the end of January (28th and 29th) for the next phase of our journey.


Hope you are all doing well and integrating the Light  into your experience of life.


Some of you have voiced that you are having difficulty sleeping or hungry all the time.  You are growing, expanding your consciousness.


It is all normal symptoms of Ascension, your body, psyche, emotional and intellectual faculties are being attuned  to the highest vibration of Love and Light at this time.


Having said that, all that you no longer need to carry around will be brought up into your awareness as it journeys out of your system.


Be kind to yourself, nurture your journey.  Eat well, sleep well, celebrate yourself and take baths. J


Some of you are processing intense emotions which have colored your experiences most of your life. Use the energy you received to  heal yourself.

 This is all as it is supposed to be.  You are supported by the Divine in this process.


Where ever you are the Divine is!!!


Do send me your news and questions at any time!  You can post your comments below.


I’m honored to support you in your embodiment  of your Divine Nature and I’m thrilled   that you have chosen to evolve.

 You can always count on me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All Love,

Ana of Grace

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Adriana Portilla’s Testimonial (Spanish) with translation

Maravillosa la experiencia, estoy profundamente agradecida por haberte conocido.

Con mucho cariño te comparto en palabras lo que aquel día expresé con el corazón:

 El resplandor que irradia el centro de esta hermosa geoda, nos recuerda que lo más brilla en el ser humano está en nuestro interior, y nos invita a mantener el alma llena de luz, disfrutando todos los regalos que la vida nos ofrece a cada instante.

 Gracias mi queridísima Ana por llevar a cabo tan sublime misión…

Tu magia toca, abre y mueve corazones,

esculpe y remueve gentilmente lo que estorba,

inspira y pule para que cada uno recobre su brillo y se reconecte con la luz,

experimentando las delicias de la quietud en movimiento…

 Te mando un abrazo muy MUY fuerte, seguimos en contacto!

Con mucho amor,

Adriana Portilla.

 The experience in Mexico was marvelous, I am deeply thankful to have met you.  With a lot of affection I share with  you in words what  I expressed that day with the heart: 

The brightness that radiates from  the center of this beautiful stone, remind  us that what shines  more in a Human Being is in our interior, and invites us to maintain our  soul full  of light, enjoying all the gifts that  life offers us in  every single moment. 

Thanks my queridísima (dearest) Ana  for carrying  out such  sublime mission…  Your magic touches, opens and moves hearts, carves and removes kindly what hinders and clogs, inspires and
polishs so that each one of us  recovers  its shine and  reconnects us  with the light, experiencing the delights of Stillness in Movement…

A big Hug, we stay in touch! 

With a lot of love, Adriana Portilla.

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“Stillness in Motion” Intensive September 12 Mexico City



                                                                 Intensive hours 9 to 5pm.

                                                              You can also register online below.

Order September 12 Sept 12 @ $80.00

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“An Evening of Pure Bliss”, September 11 Mexico City

AnaOfGraceUnaNochedePuroExtasisSeptember 11                                                                                   You can also register online below.

Order English Sept 11 @ $40.00

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R. Levy, musician written testimonial

I had a private session with Ana a few weeks ago. I have a lifetime experience with meditation, yoga, and appreciation of silence, so the deep stillness of the session was comforting and familiar. However, the energetic changes, light, lifting of ambivalence, questioning, etc, continues to be pretty astounding. Feels like in a few short weeks, the entire fabric of the universe was ripped, reorganized in a much sweeter and gentler way. Rock On!!
R. Levy, Musician.

Posted on : Jul 27 2010
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You Are Powered by Grace – Blog

Red Rose I Love youYou Are Powered by Grace

A rite of passage update.

Wow! It has been a while since you’ve heard from me. I am still alive, kicking and dancing!

And how about you?!
Since the programs in Gainesville and Berkeley in April, I’ve been multitasking between private sessions, recording a meditation CD, office work (answering e-mails etc), my work at Carrabba’s, an occasional “date” and Skype family calls. Did I forget to mention the beach?! Yikes. Life has been wonderfully busy in the months of April and May. I am so grateful for the work of my friend and webmaster Rick Baxter and friend Jim Jones who despite their full time work schedule, make time to assist me and are committed to the dissemination of this energy.

It is an honor to see this awakening energy being shared with more and more people each day and to serve as a correspondent between the Inner and Outer worlds.
The work has just begun.

The experience of being powered by Grace has deepened and Trust grows roots in my Heart.

As I witness that my life is a like a leaf being blown by the wind, I see the natural order of Nature. That the only constant in its equation is Transformation, constant growth and opportunities for abiding in Self-Knowledge.
Like the Leaf you can’t ever arrive anywhere, life is constant transformation.

Embrace the watcher of life and you will know who you are.

During this month of June I’m taking a partial sabbatical to honor the rite of passage I’m going through, life calls me to retreat to myself into Re- Birthday Ecstasy ( next blog).

Watch out for a revamped website soon.

Take time for yourselves to rest during this most transformative month and remember you are powered by Grace. Enjoy the journey. Please post your comments below.

I love you, Fabiana (Ana)

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