The Energy of Stillness in Motion in Durham, NC March 22nd. @ Patanjali’s Place

Third Session
The Energy of Stillness in Motion
Expanding your Consciousness
Total Acceleration into Universal Consciouness!
A real Celebration of Life!

Experience exponentially the expansion of your Consciousness and all the blessings that vibrational transformation in sessions have in each facet of your life.
Improve the quality of your life and move forward in alignment with your Soul Purpose.
Be the change that helps support each other in the world.

March 22th.
1pm to 4pm Tuition: $55
Open-registration on March 1st. at Patanjali’s or email your info to Payment options available.

@Patanjali’s Place
700 foster street durham, nc 27701

Posted on : Feb 25 2014
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