Susan Currie Testimonial

Dear Ana, since our short, but strong time together, I have felt an ever growing peace, strength and ease inside myself. Self knowing is very high. I am living alone on 3 acres( which before was scary) now I relish it here and have new friends, a pair of mature nesting owls who show themselves to me, come down onto the ground and generally are communicating in their beauty.
I am much more capable in my body, freer in my feeling, and very easily recognise when my ego body wants me to feel anything less than happy. I just am happy, and content. Also it seems that I have become very visible in my daily life, I have committed to being here, thank you again, and I would love to receive information about other seminars etc. that you are giving, with much aloha Susiela.
Susan Currie, Gainesville, FL.

Posted on : May 11 2010
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