Phone Session – Chuck Comstock, Computer Programmer Northern California 2/23/2010

Chuck Comstock BlossomingHmm let’s see… Where to start… What to say… It seems I sort of lost my way for about 5 months. Outwardly, I was doing amazingly healthy positive activities. Inwardly, most if not all my insecurities and fears were just rushing through my mind almost 24/7. I was in a dark place and couldn’t claw my way out.

During my phone session with Ana of Grace, many fears and memories flowed up into my awareness and then flowed right out of my body. During the session I felt Peace, Love, Safety and then Joy. Ana was like an Angel keeping me safe, giving me Love, and whispering in my ear.

Since my session, I have this deep Joy inside me that is still working its way through me. I feel it constantly and even in my sleep. I have been joking that I am having spontaneous positive thoughts which is very true. Thoughts like: “I love my job. I love that sore spot in my neck. What a wonderful day. I have amazing friends. Life is good. I’ve been so blessed…” are just bubbling up and out all the time. I expected after the session this would slowly fade. It just keeps growing. Negative thoughts come up I can feel them and they are wrapped in Love and Light. They don’t seem to be able to keep my attention for too long. I feel genuine Love for myself on a deep core level. I also feel a deep Love for everyone I see or think of.

I keep having the vision: “We are all Love wrapped in thought. The frowns on people’s faces are just because they are mesmerized by some thoughts. ” I keep seeing people awake and realizing they are Love and Light. I am realizing this myself and it feels like I am coming home.
Thank You Ana!

Posted on : Feb 24 2010
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