Happy New Year and Update

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Happy New Year to all!  You have been in my heart all throughout the Holidays!
Wow! Can you believe that it is already the 18th day of this new year?! After a little over two weeks Holiday vacation, spending a Heart filled time with my children in Spokane, i returned home to my beloved Saint Augustine with with my sleeves raised up, ready for the work that i am here to do.

The children and I enjoyed a winter break with very litlle snow, but with enough chilling temperatures to have us snuggling at home on most days watching lots of movies, eating popcorn and pizza and playing video games. We loved Playstation 3 “Rockband”. I must have played enough board games to fill a lifetime quota, Woof!!  And we sang our hearts out to welcome in this New Year.

In these two weeks since i’ve been back i have experienced an even deeper peace than i had been before, it was a time to retreat again as i go through the birthing of the vision that came with the  energetic gift  i share .  I have been as a pregnant woman, nesting, i have cleaned and re-organized my room in between adjusting to the physical  hustle and bustle of my work schedule at Carrabba’s,  meetings for several private sessions and the production/planning of a video series for the website.

 The vision is to share this outside of “spiritual circles”, with a part of the population who does not have the means to attend a session or wouldn’t even consider for believing that they are not worthy of receiving the Love of the Divine.

For the last three years i have been in Saint Augustine, the Divine has shared with me:  ” You have work to do here, you have work to do here”  “Nothing less than our vision.”

Now i get to see it unfold.  We have designed a community project for Lincolnville, the most historic  neighborhood in Saint Augustine, it was the hub of the Civil Rights Movement.  Now instead of Peace Protests, we will be marching towards a Higher Consciousness.  As we facilitate  a spiritual revolution/human evolution awakening each individual to the Truth that we are all created equally.  I will keep you posted as the implementation of this project takes place.

 Join me  with local community and religious leaders to usher in this New Era of Global responsibility.  I must say that i was delighted to hear from a local community leader that he is  not only aware of this process, he is onboard with it.

Hooray!  It is exciting to see this grassroots evolution.

A New Era has begun!  Humanitarians of  Light here we are!

More on this project soon.

Until then i’ll be doing two group  sessions  again on Sunday 02/21/10 from 1-3pm and 4-6pm at the Flagler Ballroom/Casa Monica Hotel.  Check your e-mails for the flyer this week.  Hope to see you at this event.

My wish for you this year is to  come into the full embrace of  your own Light so that you may share it more and more with the World.  You are needed in this life.

With Love,  Ana of Grace.

Posted on : Jan 19 2010
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