New Testimonial A Life Transformed by Sija Speelman 2013

Posted on : Feb 26 2014
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Christine Stenglein Written Testimonial

Ana of Grace works at the highest form.
No tools are needed, no words are necessary. Her presence is all that is required as a vehicle to allow the most profound, peaceful, joy-filled light to be transmuted to me.

Her presence is the essence of pure unconditional Love, Joy and Acceptance. She is Divine Love in Human form. Please allow yourself to let God’s gift to you to be transmuted through her energy to you.

You will know, experience and feel such Joy and Peace.
Christine Stenglein, Knoxville, TN.

Posted on : Oct 11 2010
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Adriana Portilla’s Testimonial (Spanish) with translation

Maravillosa la experiencia, estoy profundamente agradecida por haberte conocido.

Con mucho cariño te comparto en palabras lo que aquel día expresé con el corazón:

 El resplandor que irradia el centro de esta hermosa geoda, nos recuerda que lo más brilla en el ser humano está en nuestro interior, y nos invita a mantener el alma llena de luz, disfrutando todos los regalos que la vida nos ofrece a cada instante.

 Gracias mi queridísima Ana por llevar a cabo tan sublime misión…

Tu magia toca, abre y mueve corazones,

esculpe y remueve gentilmente lo que estorba,

inspira y pule para que cada uno recobre su brillo y se reconecte con la luz,

experimentando las delicias de la quietud en movimiento…

 Te mando un abrazo muy MUY fuerte, seguimos en contacto!

Con mucho amor,

Adriana Portilla.

 The experience in Mexico was marvelous, I am deeply thankful to have met you.  With a lot of affection I share with  you in words what  I expressed that day with the heart: 

The brightness that radiates from  the center of this beautiful stone, remind  us that what shines  more in a Human Being is in our interior, and invites us to maintain our  soul full  of light, enjoying all the gifts that  life offers us in  every single moment. 

Thanks my queridísima (dearest) Ana  for carrying  out such  sublime mission…  Your magic touches, opens and moves hearts, carves and removes kindly what hinders and clogs, inspires and
polishs so that each one of us  recovers  its shine and  reconnects us  with the light, experiencing the delights of Stillness in Movement…

A big Hug, we stay in touch! 

With a lot of love, Adriana Portilla.

Posted on : Sep 21 2010
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R. Levy, musician written testimonial

I had a private session with Ana a few weeks ago. I have a lifetime experience with meditation, yoga, and appreciation of silence, so the deep stillness of the session was comforting and familiar. However, the energetic changes, light, lifting of ambivalence, questioning, etc, continues to be pretty astounding. Feels like in a few short weeks, the entire fabric of the universe was ripped, reorganized in a much sweeter and gentler way. Rock On!!
R. Levy, Musician.

Posted on : Jul 27 2010
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Susan Currie Testimonial

Dear Ana, since our short, but strong time together, I have felt an ever growing peace, strength and ease inside myself. Self knowing is very high. I am living alone on 3 acres( which before was scary) now I relish it here and have new friends, a pair of mature nesting owls who show themselves to me, come down onto the ground and generally are communicating in their beauty.
I am much more capable in my body, freer in my feeling, and very easily recognise when my ego body wants me to feel anything less than happy. I just am happy, and content. Also it seems that I have become very visible in my daily life, I have committed to being here, thank you again, and I would love to receive information about other seminars etc. that you are giving, with much aloha Susiela.
Susan Currie, Gainesville, FL.

Posted on : May 11 2010
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Dorothy Abrams written testimonial

Here is my healing experience with Ana of Grace. I lay in bed drifting in and out of a dream sleep while the music played in the background.
I could hear Ana’s soft voice saying words that merge with myself and spirit, a message that said all time is now, just be now. Then Mother Mary appeared with warm and healing love energy, the Divine Self became one with Infinite Love, I began to fly with wings of spirit as one we floated into the nothing then all things seem to merge into one and nothing. I was everything and nothing ~ at one with the now. Dorothy Abrams nurse Saint Augustine

Posted on : Apr 21 2010
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Phone Session – Chuck Comstock, Computer Programmer Northern California 2/23/2010

Chuck Comstock BlossomingHmm let’s see… Where to start… What to say… It seems I sort of lost my way for about 5 months. Outwardly, I was doing amazingly healthy positive activities. Inwardly, most if not all my insecurities and fears were just rushing through my mind almost 24/7. I was in a dark place and couldn’t claw my way out.

During my phone session with Ana of Grace, many fears and memories flowed up into my awareness and then flowed right out of my body. During the session I felt Peace, Love, Safety and then Joy. Ana was like an Angel keeping me safe, giving me Love, and whispering in my ear.

Since my session, I have this deep Joy inside me that is still working its way through me. I feel it constantly and even in my sleep. I have been joking that I am having spontaneous positive thoughts which is very true. Thoughts like: “I love my job. I love that sore spot in my neck. What a wonderful day. I have amazing friends. Life is good. I’ve been so blessed…” are just bubbling up and out all the time. I expected after the session this would slowly fade. It just keeps growing. Negative thoughts come up I can feel them and they are wrapped in Love and Light. They don’t seem to be able to keep my attention for too long. I feel genuine Love for myself on a deep core level. I also feel a deep Love for everyone I see or think of.

I keep having the vision: “We are all Love wrapped in thought. The frowns on people’s faces are just because they are mesmerized by some thoughts. ” I keep seeing people awake and realizing they are Love and Light. I am realizing this myself and it feels like I am coming home.
Thank You Ana!

Posted on : Feb 24 2010
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Rick Baxter

Having known Ana for over a year I have found her to be a person with a special gift for helping others find the light within themselves.

Posted on : Dec 14 2009
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Kris Ramey, student and mother of 2

Joyfully reconnected

Joyfully reconnected


 After my second session with Ana of Grace, i felt such Peace. A Peace that has been eluding me for quite some time now. I had been so confused and overwhelmed, and this Peace i feel now, i know is just the beginning of the journey back to myself and i am so grateful.  Ana of Grace is an amazing spiritual teacher and vessel of light, she is anchor amidst the storm helping to guide us  back to ourselves, to our spiritual essence and most of all back to our truth!

Posted on : Dec 13 2009
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Debbie Perrella, LMT and Healing Touch Practioner

“I’m being reconnected, my life is changing and I love it!” “ I’m waking up, I enjoy my life more, I’m aware now of the moments of quiet in my life and am much more aware which has helped me to take responsibility for the way I feel in life. In Ana’s presence the chatter of the mind stops and I experience Peace, Peace, Peace!”

Posted on : Nov 21 2009
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