Boynton Beach, FL An Evening of Pure Bliss with Ana 01/07/15

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An energetically guided meditation into your natural state of Bliss !
Join Ana of Grace , she has just returned from Central America to settle right here in Boynton Beach, and traveling through Mexico giving enlightenment and bliss and we are so pleased she will share her gifts with us !

This will be a 2 hour workshop you will not want to miss!

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$22 Location: 408 E Ocean Ave. Boynton Beach, FL 33435


Receive a Divine transmission with the power to awaken you to the wholeness of your unique Divine nature.
In this workshop you will learn and experience the Bliss state of being, the vibration that supports all healing and transformation. Join Ana as we ascend into higher states of consciousness, filling up our mind, body and soul with the highest vibration of Light and Love.

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“Stillness in Motion” Intensive September 12 Mexico City



                                                                 Intensive hours 9 to 5pm.

                                                              You can also register online below.

Order September 12 Sept 12 @ $80.00

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“An Evening of Pure Bliss”, September 11 Mexico City

AnaOfGraceUnaNochedePuroExtasisSeptember 11                                                                                   You can also register online below.

Order English Sept 11 @ $40.00

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A New Conversation

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 Sun shining

Since our last session in December in which the Divine anchored the Highest Light in Saint Augustine, i have been given a message and i lovingly share it with you.
The night before the session, i went to the store Target to purchase a lighter to light up all the candles we set up for the participants, on my way out of the store this young man walked right into me. On his shirt was printed the word Nirvana or Freedom. I laughed as God plays and plays.

The message is simple: Target ~ Light ~ Freedom.

This message has been coming back to me in every session i have been doing, so many of you still expecting this freedom to come from outside of you or even as you experience the Highest Light( Peace within ), you still don’t believe that YOU ARE THAT.

It is time to begin a new conversation with yourself, that you are the Target, the Light and the Freedom. You are Peace. In the presence of your Light the limitations that keep you from a continuous experience of a state of Harmony, Peace, Love and Joy are obsolete.  I support you and i am honored to facilitate your acceleration into your Highest Expression of this conversation.  May you soar to new heights of Freedom.

 With Love,  Ana of Grace.

Soaring heron

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