4/19/17 Grounding into Presence at Balance Bethlehem, NH

00001 Balance Bethlehem flyerJoin Spiritual Master Ana of Grace for an energetic meditation into Oneness. Access a wellspring of inspiration and infinite possibilities for transformation and healing. Ana is a catalyst for awakening your true Self, supporting the integration of Soul, Body and Mind.

Ana has relocated to New Hampshire with her husband, a native of the North country, she is delighted to connect and support the community with diverse group and individual sessions leading into a life of aliveness, greater connection, more Love and Peace.

Please click on this link to register, you’ll be redirected to Balance Bethlehem’s website:  http://www.balancebethlehem.com/workshops/?mobile=false&options%5Bids%5D=376&options%5Bsite_id%5D=44860

date: 4/19/17

time: 6 to 8pm

location:  Balance Bethlehem     2087 Main Street  |  Bethlehem, New Hampshire 03574 | (603) 869.2125

tuition: $25.00

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02/22 The Energy of Wellness and Enlightenment at the MindBody Expo in Delray, FL FREE EVENT

Ana of Grace, 5:00pm to :30pm

Spiritual Master Ana of Grace has been sharing her spiritual energy since childhood, in 2008 she accepted completely her role as a teacher, she has since devoted her life to the transformation of human consciousness, nationally and internationally​. She shares the energy of enlightenment supporting wellness and our soul eveolution
Learn more: http://anaofgrace.com

Please RSVP as seating is limited by clicking on the  link below  and go to the bottom of the page to join!  FREE EVENT




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SHIFT INTO YOUR VIBRANCY 02/04/15 7 to 9pm Boynton Beach, Florida

Shift into your VibrancyJoin Ana in a unique energy shifting meditation! She has recently relocated to Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County and we are delighted she is here and using the Sol Oasis space.

Ana energetically opens all the energy channels in our being facilitating a tangible shift into Higher states of Consciousness. Her energy work balances all the chakras and attunes you to your truest vibrational divine blueprint.

This workshop is life changing and a unique opportunity to work with awakened meditation master and teacher in a space of unconditional love and light!

Experience a tangible shift in your ability to live in the present moment, in Peace and Love with yourself and the world and receive the keys to integrating this awakening energy into your unique life.

Tuition: $22.00 at the door

Please RSVP. Limited space available. Please share this incredible opportunity.
She is also available for private healing sessions here at the Sol Oasis and via Skype.
For more info on Ana’s work visit: www.anaofgrace.com
Contact Sol Oasis for more info or email ana@anaofgrace.com

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Boynton Beach, FL An Evening of Pure Bliss with Ana 01/07/15

Pure Bliss pic

An energetically guided meditation into your natural state of Bliss !
Join Ana of Grace , she has just returned from Central America to settle right here in Boynton Beach, and traveling through Mexico giving enlightenment and bliss and we are so pleased she will share her gifts with us !

This will be a 2 hour workshop you will not want to miss!

Suggested Donation

$22 Location: 408 E Ocean Ave. Boynton Beach, FL 33435


Receive a Divine transmission with the power to awaken you to the wholeness of your unique Divine nature.
In this workshop you will learn and experience the Bliss state of being, the vibration that supports all healing and transformation. Join Ana as we ascend into higher states of consciousness, filling up our mind, body and soul with the highest vibration of Light and Love.

For more on Ana visit www.anaofgrace.com

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Happiness in Truth in Durham, NC Meditation/Talk March, 1st @ 2pm

Join us for an energetically guided meditation/talk on the nature of Happiness.
Ana will also share more about the month long events at Patanjali’s Place.

Suggested donation $7 to $12.

@ Patanjali’s Place
919.475.1355 | 700 foster street Durham NC 27701 | patanjalisplace@gmail.com

Posted on : Feb 26 2014
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Awakening your Heart in Durham, NC March 8th @ Patanjali’s Place

First Session
Awakening your Heart
Transforming fears into new realities

This session’s purpose is to transform the energy of fear into the higher vibrational energy of Unconditional Love for oneself. Shift into a a new way of feeling about yourself and the world.

Ana will help you transform emotional blocks in your Soul Evolution. Let go of fear, guilt, grief, low self-esteem, confusion, anger, sadness, lack and the list goes on. Accelerate your journey and help support your loved ones as you raise your vibration.

March 8th
1pm to 3:30pm Tuition: $44.00 Registration on March 1st or email your info to ana@anaofgrace.com Payment options available.
@Patanjali’s Place
700 foster street durham, nc 27701 patanjalisplace@gmail.com

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Embodying your Infinite Potential-Attuning to your Soul Power in Durham, NC March 15th.

Second Session
Embodying your Infinite Potential
Attuning to your Soul Power
This session is designed to energetically open up all the energy channels in your being so that you shift into a tangible life experience of your true nature as an EMBODIED SOUL.

Access your unique vibrational blueprint and integrate it into your life. Transform your ability to experience more Love and Light. Accelerate your Soul Evolution.

March 15
1pm to 4pm Tuition: $55.00
Open-registration on March 1st at Patanjali’s or email your info to ana@anaofgrace.com

@ Patanjali’s Place
700 foster street durham, nc 27701 patanjalisplace@gmail.com

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The Energy of Stillness in Motion in Durham, NC March 22nd. @ Patanjali’s Place

Third Session
The Energy of Stillness in Motion
Expanding your Consciousness
Total Acceleration into Universal Consciouness!
A real Celebration of Life!

Experience exponentially the expansion of your Consciousness and all the blessings that vibrational transformation in sessions have in each facet of your life.
Improve the quality of your life and move forward in alignment with your Soul Purpose.
Be the change that helps support each other in the world.

March 22th.
1pm to 4pm Tuition: $55
Open-registration on March 1st. at Patanjali’s or email your info to ana@anaofgrace.com Payment options available.

@Patanjali’s Place
700 foster street durham, nc 27701 patanjalisplace@gmail.com

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Private Sessions in North Carolina Feb & March 2014

Ana of Grace is facilitating in person private sessions in the Triangle area of North Carolina for a limited time.

You can schedule a session via email to anaofgrace@gmail.com

Private sessions are a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform emotional self-limitations into new ways of being in the world, a true gift to yourself of infinite possibilities for healing and growth.

Ana’s work opens up all energy channels and integrates higher vibrations into your unique vibrational blueprint.

For more info visit the private session page of this website or email anaofgrace@gmail.com

Private sessions are offered at Patanjali’s Place in Durham located at 700 Foster St, Durham, NC 27701
Phone:(919) 475-1355 or Ana is willing travel to nearby locations.

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Ana’s Upcoming Events

The Gift of Awakening ~ An Evening of Pure Bliss
Receive a divine transmission with the power to shift your life into Enlightened Living!

Contemporary Spiritual Master Ana of Grace shares the gift of awakening thru her presence, the energetic transmission of Stillness in Motion.

Deepen your connection to YOUR DIVINITY! Rejoice in your natural being of pure LOVE ~ BLISS ~ LIGHT!

1307 Seabright Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062. (831) 426-8893
DATE & TIME: 06/29/13 7PM TO 8PM
www.anaofgrace.com ana@anaofgrace.com

CONTACT: Debra Nirmada (831) 234-8828

The Energy of Stillness

A Direct Shift into Enlightened Living
with Ana of Grace
SUNDAY, 06/30/13

Join a living meditation master for a full immersion into the energetic experience of meditation. Experience the energy that is Ana of Grace and open yourself to embody your unique vibrational divine blueprint.
Ana of Grace awakens and enlightens thru her spiritual energy, Stillness in Motion.
Come accelerate your unique path to enlightenment and dissolve all limitations to living a life of Peace, Joy and Harmony with all of creation.

Transform spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically, all of your senses to the highest vibration, pure Divine Love and Light.

Strengthen your connection between body~soul and help support each other energetically in awakening to our highest potential!
1307 Seabright Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062. (831) 426-8893
CONTACT: Debra Nirmada (831) 234-8828
If you desire to host Ana in your home for a group session or help plan a session in your city please contact ana@anaofgrace.com

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