About Ana of Grace

In October 2008 Ana of Grace found herself in deep meditation, praying, singing, and feeling like a butterfly squirming to spread her wings and escape her cocoon. All of a sudden, she realized that she was in a spontaneous retreat from the world, totally immersed in the Self. This retreat was maintained without any effort until March of 2009 when she received a full transmission of God’s Grace.

Ana found herself in a state that can only be described as Peace beyond any understanding. Sitting in her apartment, meditating for hours on end, the breath of the Divine was all she experienced. She didn’t eat much, very little sleep, and an increased consciousness of the Divine was like she had never known before.

From March till August of 2009 Ana remembered her spiritual gifts and came into acceptance of her role as Spiritual Teacher and Master.

In August of 2009, she received a complete transmission of God’s Love and Grace, accepting completely her Divinity.

In these five months she integrated this pure consciousness and has dedicated her life to awaken humanity to its Truth. She is an Avatar of Awakening.

“I am here to support you on your own diverse and unique journeys into the embodiment of your true nature.”

When asked, “How do we know it is our heart opening, and not a game of simple mental gymnastics?” She smiles and says, “You will know. It’s a consciousness we experience when we are awake. It’s unlike the consciousness we believe we can explain when we are dreaming or sleeping, but a consciousness that cannot be explained in any language. It’s a feeling.”